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        Contact us

        Company address:Fan Xian Pu Wang Puyang City Industrial Park



        Contact person :Mr. Feng

        Iphone :17839320777

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        Puyang Huitong Technology Co., Ltd.

        source:2014-10-10 11:41:48

        Puyang Huitong Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the industrial zone Zhenxing Road on the north side of Pu king, location advantages, logistics is very convenient, is a professional production of raw materials from the beginning to the end product, the modern high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales as one of the main business, AGM separator, high alkali glass block, superfine glass fiber cotton and high efficiency thermal insulation material. The company covers an area of 50 acres, 10000 square meters workshop has standardized,

        The company adopts the production technology of new clean, sophisticated production equipment, a sound quality management system, product quality is stable,reliable, can meet the requirements of all performance indexes of the GB/T28535-2012 regulations, the company can be customized according to the production of 0.20~ 3.50mm of various specifications of product customer requirements, with an annual output of 3000 tons of AGM separator, products widely used in auto start stopbatteries, electric vehicle battery, motorcycle battery, electric bicycle battery, storage battery, UPS battery power supply, communication, emergency light power supply, for domestic and foreign well-known battery manufacturers.