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        Partition summary

        source:2014-10-11 08:39:39

        The separator is an important component of the battery, do not belong to the active substance. In some cases, even plays a decisive role in. Its material for electrical insulators, and the porous which has ionic conductivity. The baffle plate of theresistance is an important performance of the separator, which is composed of board             thickness, porosity, pore tortuous degree decision, has an important influence on thehigh rate discharge capacity of the battery terminal voltage level and stability in sulfuric acid; separator directly influences the service life of the battery; separatorelasticity can delay the positive active material shedding; diaphragm aperture sizeaffects the dendrite of lead short circuit level.

        Because of the effects of separator on the performance of lead-acid batteries in many aspects, the development of each partition quality improvement, all along with the lead battery performance improvement. The main role is to prevent the positive negativepartition, short circuit, but also can make the internal resistance of the battery isincreased. Therefore, the partition shall be is porous, allowing the electrolyte free diffusion and ion migration, and has smaller resistance. When some fall off when notactive substances, and reached the opposite plate through the pore, namely theaperture is smaller, the number of holes to be many, the total area of the gap should be large; in addition, also requires good mechanical strength, acid resistance,resistance to oxidation and precipitation on the plate, not harmful substances.

        In twentieth Century 50 years starting batteries mainly with wooden partitions, since it must be used in moist conditions, resulting in negative plate at the beginning of easy oxidation, long charging time, also cannot be used for dry charged type lead accumulator. Especially the wooden partition is not resistant to oxidation and corrosion in sulfuric acid, resulting in the short battery life. In order to improve the life of lead-acid batteries, puts forward the wooden partitions and glass cotton andseparator for battery life, multiplied, but the battery internal resistance increases, can have an adverse effect on the battery capacity, can meet the requirements of starting discharge, then standard.

        In twentieth Century 60 time metaphase, the emergence of microporous rubber separator, because it has good acid resistance and resistance to oxidation and corrosion resistance, the service life of the battery is improved obviously. And promote the battery structure improvement, reduce the plate center distance, the battery discharge performance and volume is much higher than the energy. Because of the excellent performance of microporous rubber separator, from twentieth Century to 70 in the early 90's, the dominant unemployment in lead acid battery. Thedisadvantages are: microporous rubber separator is impregnated with an electrolyte solution and slower, in addition to the tropics, lack of resources, manufacturing process is relatively complex, the cost is expensive. In addition, not easy to be made thin finished product (thickness difficult below 1mm) in microporous rubber separatorproduction at the same time, also the soft sintered PVC partition and later appeared in the poly vinyl chloride oxygen separator appeared, this kind of separator with rubber separator difference is not big, but very popular in the 80's..

        From 1993, the microporous rubber separator cost increase, thus forming the PVC separator in short supply situation. In twentieth Century 90 years have occurred in the PP (polypropylene) partition, PE (polyethylene) partition and ultra-fine glass fiberseparator (commodities is 10-G) and its composite baffle them. There have also beenfiber separator paper, its resistance, porosity and corrosion resistance are good, butthe poor mechanical strength, pore size is larger, therefore not the use of large quantities of. The current international, especially the extensive use of America, West European car type accumulator is a polyethylene bag type separator. The PE separator has a smaller aperture, basal low resistance and thin, easy to make the bag, continuous production is suitable for battery. But at present there is no domesticmass production, assembly lines and adapt to this partition (including the distribution group machine) is limited, it is still not widely used; PP partition and 10-G gradually for the automobile type battery manufacturers are acceptable. Sealed valve regulated lead-acid battery is mainly used in AGM (adsorption type glass fiber separator).