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        The technical index of AGM separators

        source:2014-10-10 18:06:42

        What kind of separator performance is better? Generally refers to: the compact degree of moderate, uniform thickness, good elasticity, high strength, smooth appearance, harmful impurities (iron chloride) content is low, the proportion of largeholes, pores and appropriate distribution and direction, electrolyte retention ability is strong and uniform, fast, good liquid acid, at the same time the requirements of low price, convenient transportation etc.. The following detailed discussion.

        (1) uniform partition

        AGM partition homogeneity mainly refers to the uniform thickness, in order to make the partition close to the plate, to prevent the falling of the active material. At the same time to keep the electrolyte and separator plate contact surface is uniform. The present stage separator manufacturers thickness deviation of general control in2.86% ~ + 8.33%, but to limit excessive: resilience partition refers to a certainpressure, the ability to recover the thickness of baffle, baffle will appear rebound too poor a polar group into the difficult, is easy phenomenon, namely the polar groupslack, serious when the effect of the capacity and life of battery for the partition of different batches should be more uniform and better.

        (2) quantitative

        Quantitative usually refers to the density or weight basis, is the main index ofquantitative control the quality of the paper in the paper industry, the compact degree of it mainly reflects a certain thickness of the paper, in units of g / m2 mm. Quantitativepartition than the partition of equal thickness and area of the heavy, namely densedegree is high, so it will influence the porosity and pore size and specific surface area,at the same time partition relative prices rise; but if quantitative is too small, it willmake the diaphragm strength variation, at the same time, the expansion of the partition and the long time plate the contraction will enable quantitative too smallslack, so as to affect the performance of the batteries, serious when the failure of quantitative is a very important index to measure the quality of the partition: GB (JB / T7630.1 - 1998) require quantitative on felt type separator is greater than or equal to 140g/m2 - mm. However, quantitative seeks not the higher the better, according to the different type of battery (such as small and medium density and high density cellbattery) and battery manufacturers own requirements and characteristics, select the partition has a certain amount of range.

        In general, the fine fiber added more partitions can be to partition quantitative value increases, the diaphragm is generally used for the following types of batteries:

        The high rate discharge cycle for lead acid battery (such as electric vehicle batteries);

        Spare lead battery the long-lived (life of 10A or above);

        Lead acid battery and high power.

        Add more crude fiber board can make the partition quantitative value of relativereduced. Such a partition is generally used for the following types of batteries:

        Spare lead battery the short life (such as UPS);

        Lead acid batteries used in electric tools, small;

        Lead acid batteries for the vehicle.

        (3) the tensile strength

        That is, the pull off force. The unit is kN / m. For the partition of different thickness, thedifferent tensile strength. Generally speaking, the thicker the partition on the tensile strength, higher requirements. Because most manufacturers use institutions abroad battery matched group, so higher requirements on the tensile strength of longitudinaltensile strength of the clapboard, so foreign AGM partition is generally higher thandomestic AGM partition. The tensile strength of characterization of mechanical strength of the diaphragm, adding crude fiber can increase the strength of thepartition, but will affect the absorption rate of capillary rise baffle plate and 5 min. For the mechanical distribution group, the tensile strength is an important index, for manual coordination group. Longitudinal elongation (%) is more important.