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        What are the main factors that influence the performance of superfine glass fibe

        source:2014-10-11 08:37:39

        Effect of composition of I. superfine glass fiber chemistry
        Glass cotton chemical composition is a key factor affecting separator performances, it directly affects the chemical properties of partition.
           Influence of diameter and length of II. superfine glass fiber cotton
        Superfine glass fiber diameter is small, large surface area, high humid, so the absorption rate high, the baffle plate of the pore size is small, the resistance of dendrite strong penetrating ability, but its resistance value will be increased, so we must choose an optimal portfolio. Glass fiber cotton length also influences the performance of separator. Cotton fiber length, not easy to be dispersed and the occurrence of flocculation, which makes the baffle uneven; short cotton, the partition board is even better performance, but low strength and therefore should choose an optimal length range.
           Effects of harmful impurity III. ultra-fine glass fiber in cotton
        Has a direct effect on the performance of glass fiber cotton impurity separator. Self discharge and gas evolution of iron, copper, nickel and other metal or metal ion will increase the battery there are glass fiber cotton. Therefore, must choose the less harmful impurities in the raw material, in order to ensure that the separator has good performance.